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One World is an up-and-coming national organization aimed at uniting the special needs and mainstream populations. Inspired by her brother, Jonathan Preiser, and cousin Jamie Metzger, who both have special needs, Danielle N. Preiser began One World as a club at Kennedy High School in 2009. One World bridges the gap between the special needs and mainstream populations through volunteer service, fundraisers, and peer education.

One World began as an outside chartered club at John F. Kennedy High School in Bellmore, NY. Danielle faced much strife because her school did not have the proper funds to allocate an advisor or proper sponsorship for the club. Despite a rocky start, One World became a success at the school. The club still thrives today and prides itself on over 100 members.

During Danielle’s high school experience, One World’s cause was to raise $15,000 for Fragile X Research. Both Danielle’s brother, Jonathan, and cousin Jamie have Fragile X Syndrome. Fragile X is a genetic impairment resulting from a broken X chromosome. Though many people have never heard of this syndrome, it is very similar to Autism. One World was able to raise in excess of $40,000 for the FRAXA Research Foundation. These funds are still being used on research projects looking to cure Fragile X Syndrome.

Now, One World is in the process of becoming a nonprofit organization. The 1023, which allows tax-deductible donations, is complete and the 501c3 is pending. One World has changed its focus. As of September 2012, Danielle has
raised funds to initiate One World’s new cause: One Special World,
a group home for middle- to high-functioning people with special needs.
Jonathan will be one of its residents.

This home will take years to create, but once established, it will be built from special funds to secure special futures for its special residents.