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The Plane Ride


The power of one hug.
I wish life could be this simple, but for many it is overly complicated.
Two weeks ago, my brother was going to Florida and had an episode in the airport. The uniforms, security, and intensity of our new regime scared him. He began to hit the metal detectors and curse out the officers. I was not there. My parents didn’t know how to calm Jonathan down.
On the way back from Florida, I was with my brother. The story changes a bit. Jonathan was fine until we got to the gate. Then, once again, the scrutiny and formality frightened him. As my brother began to get loud and his big brown eyes turned from innocence to fear, I was not afraid to go near him. While others backed away, I hugged Jonathan ever-so tightly for about 2 minutes, quietly telling him everything was going to be okay, the trip back would be wonderful, and he would see the lovely “cottage”- his name for our home, soon.
Within 2 minutes, Jonathan’s loud screams surrendered to gentle whispers, even a smile. I could see the people before me, the ones facing Jonathan’s back, as I hugged him. This woman began to bring her hands together to clap, as others would have followed. I mouthed “Please don’t clap,” for I know Jonathan does not like to be the center of attention.
The woman’s hands dissipated and each passenger smiled at me, some  also winked, some gestured, and added a few words.
Jonathan, even if you tower over me, I will always protect you. You can always lean on me.

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