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* Sydney Kofman and Elyse Isley, who surprised Danielle with the homepage’s video for Ellen DeGeneres and have made countless attempts to spread One World publicly. After having met Danielle for only three weeks, the two were so inspired by One World’s goals that they have not stopped to help make this home happen.  Sydney and Elyse are One World’s strongest supporters. They have brought One World awareness to the states of Illinois and New Jersey as well as the country of Hong Kong! Thank you so very much.

* Anthony and Gina Marzano, who watched the Ellen video and were so inspired by One World that they have become Danielle’s mentors in making the future building of One Special World plausible. Gina works for a construction company and is an inspiring volunteer for other organizations. She has proposed wonderful fundraising ideas and plans to work closely with Danielle in the future. Anthony, who put Danielle and Gina in contact, constantly advertises for One World in his deli, My Hero, in Merrick, NY and is the reason for much future success.

*Christopher (Chris) Ferrer, President and creator of The One World Binghamton University Chapter,  who took it upon himself to propose One World as an SA chartered club. Chris filed paperwork, performed presentations, and planned events on behalf of One World without Danielle’s asking. The club is currently being evaluated and will hopefully be confirmed soon. Beginning last year, Chris took a vested interest in One World and led 37 Kappa Sigma fraternity brothers to sell baked goods for One World and host a Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant fundraiser. This year, he Co-hosted The One World 2nd Annual Binghamton Walk, which took countless hours of tabling, promoting, and organizing. Chris’ continuance with the cause and implication of the club prove his altruism, dedication, and perserverance. Chris is responsible, reliable, and hardworking. Danielle, a former Binghamton University student, dreamed of implementing One World on campus, thus, Chris is making her dream come true. Thank you.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 3.57.26 PM

*Derek Orshan, who Co-Hosted the One World 2nd Annual Binghamton walk with Christopher Ferrer. Derek kept in constant contact with Danielle and worked to lead his Pi Lambda fraternity brothers to organize, promote, and host the walk. The walk was a great success due to Derek’s event planning ability. He and Chris organized dance and hula-hoop performances, which were new additions to the event. Derek hopes to get even more of greek life involved in future One World walks.  This coincides with One World’s motto: “The strongest force is the power of togetherness.”  Derek whole-heartedly is devoted to the cause and principles of One World. Thank you for your kindness, outreach, and contributions.

* Jennifer Feldman, who knows both Danielle and Jonathan, nominated One World to be one of the organizations for The University of Michigan’s 2013 Greek Week Fundraiser. Thanks to Jennifer’s determination, One World was one of the selected organizations and Greek Life raised over $5,000 for One Special World. Also, due to extenuating circumstances, Danielle was unable to attend the closing A Capella Night, where donations are presented to the selected organizations. Jennifer accepted the check on One World’s behalf and recited Danielle’s speech. Jennifer has personally worked with Jonathan and constantly enriches the lives of both Jonathan and Danielle.

One World Jennifer

* Justin Harrison, who worked with Danielle to mobilize 60 of his fraternity, Pi Lamda Phi (Pi Lam), brothers to sell One World merchandise and put together the One World Sponsorship Walk for Danielle’s half marathon. Justin was phenomenal and worked innumerable hours to put this event together. If it were not for him, One World’s outreach on the Binghamton University campus would never have reached such magnitude. Thank you for your determination, perseverance, and utmost kindness. Your dedication was unprecedented. Please note that each Pi Lam brother could not have been more helpful. Each brother was responsible for tabling, spreading awareness, and attending the walk. These brothers were the ones who also made One World campus-wide.

Pi lam

* Daniel Frank Longo and Daniel Dibiasi, who voluntarily DJed and helped set up for both the Thanksgiving and Summer One World Dance/Bar nights, respectively.  Over the summer, DJ Longo could not have performed better and turned the bar into a night club comparable to Pacha NYC. Daniel Dibiasi, was a phenomenal help in setting up the DJ equipment. The two took it a set further, and Co-Hosted the second bar event for One World at Bar 13 this Thanksgiving. Despite harsh weather and other limiting circumstances, the two were able to pull in a large group to celebrate the cause and Thanksgiving. Both Longo and Dibiasi never cease to help with no intentions of recognition, yet they both deserve major praise for their handwork and humanitarianism.

* James Buscarino and Edward (Eddie) Lopez, who brought Danielle to the Annapolis Half Marathon, enriched this experience, and are two unbelievably whole-hearted One World supporters and advocates. James and Eddie are training to run a half marathon for One World. James also helped Danielle with the One World Dance Night fundraiser this summer. Thank you both for being pro-active and responsive to all that One World wishes to accomplish.

One World Half

* Yoray Halevy, who allowed One World to host at his family bar: Bone Lick Park, NYC on August 9th, 2013. Yoray was extremely accommodating, responsible, and supportive. He provided One World an outstanding spot to spread awareness while having fun. We look forward to future events at his bar.

* Stefanie Zassman, who, with only a week until the One World Dance Night, became a co-host to help further spread the word. Stefanie not only did spread the word, but she also took One World’s mission to heart and was an enormous help in setting up the venue for the night.

The photo below shows the One World Dance Night hosts: Stefanie Zassman, Danielle Preiser, and James Buscarino

One World Hosts

* Susan Sachs, who hosted the ABsolutely Fit Grand Opening Fundraiser at her gym. Susan is a wonderful, warm-hearted, powerful personal trainer. She could not have been more enthusiastic and committed to raising money for the new One World project. Please make sure to check out her gym: http://absolutelyfit.com/

* Mr. Gerard Owenburg, who, as the assistant principal of Kennedy High School, chose to be the advisor for One World and has kept the club going even after Danielle graduated in 2011. Mr. Owenburg has worked closely with Danielle for five years and counting!

*Kayla Barnofsky, who continuously edits and revises many of One World’s videos and flyers. Kayla has worked many hours to design beautiful and eye-catching pieces to attract media attention, donations, and networking. She is exceptional.

one world half sign

* Zachary (Zach) Lite, who created the One World Half Marathon Video:

Zach put much time and effort into making this video perfect and enticing for all college students and One World donors.  Without even knowing Jonathan, Zach did all of this from his heart for no compensation.

*Bruce Mendelson, who collaborates with Danielle on ways to unite the special needs and mainstream populations through physical activities. Bruce owns a seven seater bicycle, which he rides with people from both populations.

*Sari Edelman, who ran the New Orleans Marathon for One World. To run any race of such great distance, especially individually, is not only an unbelievable accomplishment, but is also beyond many people’s capabilities. Thank you for having One World at the center of your heart during this run.

* TO EVERY ONE WORLD DONOR AND SUPPORTER: Each dollar you donate does not go unappreciated. Thank you for being a part of One World. After all, One World prides: “The strongest force is the power of togetherness.” Your support and donations are laying the most powerful bedrock for the future One Special World group home.