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Our Story Simply Said


Our Story:
The story of Jonathan and me is far too detailed to express completely.
However, this is how it all began:
I was 6, Jonathan was 10. I noticed that Jonathan was different from the other boys and girls. He wasn’t your average 10 year old, for he was much more like me. He was basically my twin.
Although the above picture does not display this, we were once the same height. We laughed at all the same jokes, posed the same questions, and lived very similar lives. Jonathan was my best friend, and as we grew, we became Lenny and George in many ways.
So, as I mentioned, I was 6. I can vividly remember what follows:
I was in the kitchen with my mom. As she was washing dishes by the sink, I was having breakfast. Rather abruptly, I stopped eating my cereal and went over to her by the sink. I needed to stand and make eye-contact for what is to follow. She glanced and asked why I had come over and I did not hesitate to ask: “Why is Johnny different?” She said “What do you mean?” I said something similar to: “I love him  because he is special. You know? He’s just like me, but more happy.” My mom sat me down and said I had used the perfect word: “special.”
From that day on, every Sunday I would go with my dad to libraries, researching Fragile X Syndrome, the genetic disorder both my brother and cousin have. I wanted to go to labs, do studies, and truly envelop myself in my brother’s world. I became not only a researcher but also a forever advocate for those who cannot defend themselves.

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  1. I have a sister with special needs, and this story rings so true and hits close to home. How touching and how amazing that you are such an avid advocate. I am from Jersey and would love to take part in some One World events.

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