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Danielle trained for 6 months to run the Annapolis Half Marathon on December 1st, 2012 to raise money to build One Special World, the One World group home for individuals with special needs. Her goal was $10,000. Danielle, with the help of many very special people, was able to raise $11,000. However, due to extenuating physical health circumstances Danielle was not allowed to run.

Words From Danielle:

If this had not been such a serious matter, I promise you I would have run anyway- honestly, it took more out of me to not run than to have run all 13.1 miles would have.

This run signified so much, and for that reason I needed to run at least a little. So, I ran 1.31 miles and on the way back to the start/ finish line, I sprinted over each hill. As I ran over each hill, I ran not only for Jonathan and One Special World, but I also ran for others: I envisioned transcending the collective energy of the mass of runners to those in need. I named people in my head and dedicated portions of my run to each of them.

Life is full of oscillations, highs and lows. Each hill paradoxically represented an uphill climb and a downward spiral while symbolizing good times putting you on top and harder struggles placing you on bottom. As for any experience, “it is what it is, but it will be what you make of it.”

This half marathon marks one of the most important experiences of my life, and thanks to friends James Buscarino and Eddie Lopez’s ability to add so much laughter, happiness, and support, it will never be remembered as a sad day.

Upon hearing that I was unable to run, James and Eddie took the initiative to bring me to the race and be there when I finished. James and Eddie are now preparing to run a half marathon for One World. As One World prides: “The strongest force is the power of togetherness,” and with both of your positivity combined, together you were able to make this day and many future days shine. Thank you so much. Another time will come and when circumstances permit, we will in fact run a whole half marathon!

This run was to prove to my brother that I am healthy and to raise $10,000 to put towards building the group home. In Jonathan’s eyes I will be okay and the $10,000 was exceeded.

I am proud to say that I will remember this day with a smile and a tear, but the impetus behind my fire, my brother Jonathan, and the impact of this experience will never cease to keep One World going.

Right now, I may not be allowed to run a half physically, but mentally, I am already running and planning more events to build One Special World.

I hope to one day create a One World Half Marathon: 13.1 World