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Jonathan Starts Work: February 15th, 2013


Today may just be an ordinary day for you, but it is a monumental one for me:
Today, my brother Jonathan starts his first day of work.
When Jonathan was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome, the doctors painted a very grim picture for his future. They said that the best story they knew of with someone having Fragile X was a man who worked at a gas station and rode a three wheeler bicycle. This is phenomenal, however, Jonathan has far surpassed this. I am extremely proud to say that Jonathan not only rips on a two-wheeler, but that he also kicks my butt while doing so. Today, he begins a job as a stock boy with the aid of his job coach. I can honestly say that every bit of excitement, fear, and pride he feels, I feel too.
Every one of Jonathan’s accomplishments can be summed up by this: The gratification is escalated and the celebration is exaggerated because every time we both succeed.
Johnny, you are my hero, my inspiration, and my best friend.
~”The strongest force is the power of togetherness.”~

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