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It’s Magical


People misunderstand what it is like to be the sister of a brother who has special needs. They assume that it’s difficult.
It may not be simple, but it is magical.
My brother, Jonathan, is 24 and I am 19. I am both an older and younger sister at once. My duality surpasses normality. From birth I have lived this duality and I will continue to live this duality for the rest of my life. I share a bond with Jonathan that no one will ever experience, a bond that is all its own.
I cannot articulate in such a short post the magnitude of our friendship.
In respect to Jonathan, I would need to write novels of compliments to describe him and our brother-sister relationship, for he is honorary, but here is a glimpse:
Jonathan wakes up every morning at about 6:00 am with a smile on his face and the same golden light radiating from his heart. Whether I am awake or still asleep, it’s crazy, but I can feel his positive energy. He has morning greetings for everyone: “GOOD MORNING, MR. FANTASTICO!!” (for my dad) and “GOOD MORNING TO MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER!” (for me), if only all gentlemen could learn from him. He also has the innate ability to change people. I say this because he is proven: he has changed me. Jonathan’s presence is so powerful. His personality is so big, but most of all, his heart is so strong and can hold everyone and everything together at once, in harmony.
He lives in a fantasy because he can create this utopia, not because his limitations do not allow him to see reality. He has these huge eyes, which are so fitting because his eyes are more open than any of ours, they are open to miracles and never cease to see light. Jonathan sees the sunrise every morning. I believe this sunrise, this constant display of hope, renders Jonathan an angel on earth. I am proud to say he is my angel.


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