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One World 2nd Annual Binghamton Walk- December 5th, 2013: As a former Binghamton student, my dream was for One World to have a lasting presence on the campus. Although this went unspoken, there are truly extra-special people in this world. My friend, Christopher Ferrer, took it upon himself to propose One World as an SA chartered club.

Chris filed paperwork, performed presentations, and planned events on behalf of One World without my asking. Good deeds like this prove how incredible and heartless some are. The club is currently being evaluated and will hopefully be confirmed soon, but Chris always goes the extra mile. So, Chris, President of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and his brothers paired up with Derek Orshan and the Pi Lam Fraternity to host the 2nd Annual One World Binghamton Walk. The walk was fabulous, with dance performances, greek life involvement, and wonderful photographer Alyssa Gatto. We were able to raise over $700 dollars! As cliched as this may be, you are all literally making my dreams of building my brother the group home come true. Know that every hour and dollar you donate will be the foundation for this home. I cannot nor will I ever be able to thank you adequately. You are all changing the lives of individuals with special needs one meeting, event, and promotion at a time. Thank you.

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